HERE app is draining my battery


I have intermittently used the HERE app for offline maps when I am out of cell coverage area. Last night I updated

the app and changed some of my offline maps…since then it is chomping on my battery life. It accounted for a third

of my overnight battery drain…so I forced stopped the app this morning…instead of dying away from battery usage

it has continued to actually use my battery at even faster rate!

Any ideas on how to make HERE go sit “quietly” in the corner until I ask it to “come HERE” :slight_smile:


I have Here installed and have not seen any abnormal battery usage … but I have both ‘Traffic’ and ;Speed Alerts’ set to Off in the App Settings. I did however find [WARNING !] Nokia’s “Here” maps draining battery and causing overheating ! that you may want to check


Google maps does offline navigation now (you have to select and download map areas). Maybe that’s a viable solution for you.

Download areas and navigate offline - Android - Google Maps Help


Battery drain subsided after a restart. But, thanks for your suggestions!


I wonder if the problem could have been eliminated by closing all apps. By the way, I like it that the Samsung S7 (and maybe all Marshmallow devices) have a “close all” option.


Where is this “close all” option?




I don’t seem to have that option on my Moto X Pure. I always thought that closing these “bookmarks” didn’t necessarily close anything in terms of running apps. I was trying to force stop the app from the Settings menu…but that didn’t seem to do the trick either.


think it’s a touchwiz feature,


It’s a feature coming to everyone with Android – Nougat:

  • ‘Clear all’ in Overview: Instantly close all of your apps running in the background by tapping ‘clear all’ in Overview.


I don’t have N yet but it probably is the exclusive Samsung Touchwiz feature @drm186 mentioned. The S7 has a lot more bells and whistles than my Moto X (2nd Gen) had. From what I read N on the S7 is going to add several more and it is expected to be released “mid December” which just happens to be today.