Hidden number showed up on Caller ID


This afternoon I called my home number from my RW cel phone (Moto G5+, 3.0 plan, GSM network) and the caller ID showed a number that my wife didn’t recognize. When I got home, I dialed the number and got my RW voicemail. Sure enough, it was my hidden GSM number that showed up on the caller ID at home.

Has anyone else had this happen? I can’t seem to repeat it, but if it’s happening frequently I’d sure like to know. I was driving at the time, on bluetooth, and I assume that it used the cellular network unless it locked into a Cable WiFi as I was passing by.

I checked the RW phone log, and the call doesn’t even show on the list. Strange!


Hi @davidw.ctd2jy,

The hidden number occasionally forgets to stay hidden. If it persists, I suggest a VoIP reset for your phone. Here’s how: How to VOIP Your Phone – Republic Help.