Hidden photos/videos from ads, editors, etc?

So I currently use a Moto G5 plus, and will be upgrading soon to a Moto G Stylus 2021. I’ve had a problem with my Moto G5 plus that I’m wondering about, and if it will follow me to my new phone.
Whenever I go to post a photo/video on a social media, or list something online, when given the options, there are about a zillion (ok slight exaggeration!) photos and vids that were from say, watching an ad, or filters from a photo editor, that show up. Data and photos/videos I cannot for the life of me find and remove. I’ve gone through all the storage and files, options, cleaning out, but still these ‘extra’ photos/videos are hidden!
I don’t think they’re even taking up THAT much storage or anything, it’s just super annoying to have to go through every filter option or ad video when I’m trying to find what to post.
For instance, one game I play had a bunch of avatar options; when I went through my photos to post something, EVERY avatar was in there, to scroll through, as well as a 15 sec ad for another game, that I watched! But when I go into my Google Photos/vid, these hidden ad photos/videos are nowhere to be found.
I also use video editors, and every single filter/option is in there as well. But only when I go to post something externally.

I hope this makes sense to someone, lol, and I’m sorry this post is so long. If anyone out there could help with this problem, or has insight, I’d much appreciate it! I’m really hoping to not have to deal with this on my new phone.

Can you please try the following?

Open the Google Photos app.
Do you see these extraneous clips and video file here?
Find the video or picture you want to share and select the “Share” icon.
Chose the app yo want to use to share the contact.
Please let us know if this works better for you and if you see those extra items…

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Hi @audreyj.n2ue6t,

In addition to @johnny5’s help I would like to recommend an app I use for keeping my phone free of those junk files.

Files by Google is useful for cleaning-out some of the stuff you’re talking about.

Give it a try and see what you think :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion! I installed the Files app and immediately found all the sneaky hidden things! I’m not sure if they’ll be any things I have to use again (such as video/photo editor options), but I was able to delete hundreds of adds and extra pics that weren’t even mine! Hopefully that’s the end of it. Thank you again for your quick response!

@johnny5 , that wasn’t quite helpful as I don’t ever see the extra things in my photos app, and I wasn’t having trouble sharing other things, but thank you anyway!

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