High Battery Drain After Recent Republic Telephony Update

Really pretty ridiculous. Usually by this time in the evening I have over 50% battery left with my typical daily usage. Today is first day after applying newest update to Republic Telephony that said it improved Bonded Calling. Battery has drained down to 21%, and I have not even made any phone calls today stupid phone has been on standby most of the time. Checked Battery usage in the settings, yep. Cell radio standby at the top 'o the list, hogging up the juice.

How do I get back to the PREVIOUS version of Republic Telephony?

I am a total fool for updating it when I wasn’t having any major calling issues to begin with.

P.S. Most of the day at the fiancee’s house where cell signal is very strong, so this is not a matter of the phone pulling down the battery due to searching for a decent signal.

You didn’t list anything you tried to fix this issue. So I would start with some basic troubleshooting steps.

  1. Clear the system cache and test. Clearing the Cache

  2. Reboot the phone and test.

  3. Uninstall the two Republic apps, reboot the phone and then reinstall the two Republic apps and test.

  4. Put the phone in safe mode and test for a day. Safe Mode

Check the battery app in Settings > Battery to see if it indicates what is consuming such a high percentage of battery power. It may just be a misbehaving app, and that app could be the new Telephony app. If so, do the “3Rs routine”… remove, reboot, reinstall.

Thanks for the info, however the nature of the equation here is that the only change (i.e. only variable) was the Republic Telephony update. The home screen notification indicated 5 new updates were available, but the only one downloaded was the Republic Telephony update. So nothing else of the phone’s configuration was altered.

Main reason for being annoyed last night about this (guess it was kind of obvious … ) is I run a Tight Ship so to speak, with regard to managing my phone. Don’t even let apps idle in the background, keeping a clear “Your Recent Screens Appear Here” screen (square icon bottom right of screen). Always manually shut them down when done with them.

It’s a Moto X 2nd Gen (Lollipop 5.1)

Late last night I cleared all Cached Data via Settings/Device/Storage. Once that completed, closed Settings and powered off, did a clearing of the Android System Cache (power on while holding Vol Down button, select Recovery, wait for the droid guy on his back “No Command”, hold power button and tap Vol up, select Clear Cache Data (it clears super fast like only 2 seconds to complete), then select Reboot.

Settings/Device/Battery shows the screen winning olympic gold this evening with 9% and mobile standby taking silver @ 6.

google services earned bronze, with android OS and the rest of the app-letes going home disappointed.


Okay, I may have it resolved. Phone has been sitting in lock screen since 6:00am with only a few unlocks to check some stuff and battery is showing 91% remaining. This is along the lines of how it behaved before the update so possibly it is resolved. Seems back to normal for now

My wife had a similar problem yesterday. She called me around 1 o’clock in the afternoon (PST), and then went for a walk without her phone. When she got back to the phone 3 hours later, the phone was warm. By the time she got home, the battery was at 0%. (Her call to me was short, according to RW records it was 1min32s.)

The battery drain had begun approximately when she called me. The top users of the battery were “Republic Telephony” 35%, “voice calls” 30%. The call was brief, and my phone had certainly disconnected from the call. Additionally, her phone was “awake” for all of the time of the excessive discharge. The phone seemed to behave normally after recharging it a bit, with the phone off. It is possible that the problem could have been “fixed” with just a power cycle. I may try some cache reset stuff, since we don’t want this to happen again.

Another odd anomaly – during of one of the boots when I was trying to gather information, the phone behaved as if it were receiving an update (optimizing app xxx/162, etc). This is particularly surprising, because the phone battery was pretty low.

See attached screenshots. On the 12/27, she used her phone to message, etc. but made only one voice call. Her phone is Moto G 1st generation, up to date with Republic (but not all of the Google apps).

@robertj.apxsdx, @cliffordc.00g6y5

Have you deleted the telephony app & reinstall it after rebooting.

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Wish Android had a feature similar to MS Windows’ treatment of Device Drivers and allow you to Roll Back to the Previous Version. Uninstalling a current version to roll all the way back to the factory installed version is too big of a step backwards, and then if you update you can only re-download the current version that caused the issue in the first place. As I understand it.

No problem with the phone today. Monitoring the battery, awake status, and big battery consumers. The phone seems back to normal.

Haven’t RR’ed (remove and replace) the telephony app yet. But did do the “cache” clear (android and app). I am participating in this thread mostly to add information which might be useful for debug, so I am curious to find out if the RR on the app is required, and if so, whether it makes the problem go away. If it happens again, we will do the RR.

It may well be that if the telephony app begins to consume the battery, you can “fix” it just by shutdown/restart. It appeared to behave normally last evening with just the shutdown/restart. I cleared the caches after the phone seemed to be behaving normally.

(I have another identical phone, and haven’t experienced the problem).

Did test the phone this morning by making a call on it, and it did not trigger the bad behavior.


Thought you might want to try and fix the phone instead of staring & crabbing about it. Remove , reboot & reinstall is a proven method of fixing runaway apps.

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I did fix the phone.

Problem has not reoccurred since clearing the app cache and the Android system cache.

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