High data usage but I don't know why



I have never went over my data usage and this month I’m already out of data. I can’t figure out where the data is being used. It may be photos? With that said, it seems like I’m getting my son’s photos and videos on my phone. Could this affect my data? I’ve tried to search for answers and can’t find any. Please help!


Hi @kimberlym.k3tdui

It would be important for the community to have a little more detail like which phone do you have?.

It is possible pictures, video’s, and such are backing up over cellular data instead of WiFi. The same could be true with Apps updating on cell eating through your data.

Look here for information on what is using your Cellular Data…

If you can post screen shots we can help decipher what is going on.

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You can check your cellular data usage in the Cell Data tab in your Republic Wireless App
Once you figure out which application is using up your data, we can recommend remedies.

It would be helpful to know which phone and plan you are on.


Just had this happen to me yesterday, June 14, 2017. Message popped up saying I had hit my data limit. Thought how could this be? I have never gone over not even close. When I checked the Republic app. it said I had used 104MB. I have the 2GB refund plan-Motorola 2nd gen phone.
A message came up that gave me options of what to do next. I ignored that message, since I knew I could not have gone over. When I look at my Cellular Data Usage today, phone says I have used 115MB. So like Kimberlym, I’m unsure what happened.


Thank you for your responses. My phone is a Moto X 2nd gen. I have the Base Plan + 1.0 GB Cell Data. I think I just found what might be the problem. As of June 1st Republic got rid of the roaming data for Republic 1.0 refund plan. I believe I need to switch to the Republic 2.0 refund plan. Do you think this is why my data was being used? In addition, I know that Photos is using the most data and this is showing my 17-year old son’s pics and videos. Not really interested in having these on my phone. How do I get that to stop happening?


The “Base Plan + 1.0 GB Cell Data” means you are already on the Republic Refund Plan. Roaming data was disabled on the 1.0 plans last year (June 2016).

If you have roaming data enabled in your Republic Wireless App…please disable it. Roaming data is charged at 18.3 times regular cellular data. So if you used data while roaming, you would effectively get only 1GB/18.3 or 54.6MB of data.

As for your question regarding photos…that would happen if your son and you are both using the same Google account
to sync your photos. Changing the Google account on your son’s phone to his own account, instead of your own account would fix this issue.

Also, in the Photos app there is a settings to sync Photos only while you are on WiFi. That should keep the cellular data usage of the Photo App limited.

In general, you can control the cellular data usage of any app using the Republic Wireless App…by going to Cell Data Tab
and then up arrow at the bottom right corner. This should show you per app usage and a sliders next to the app will allow
you to turn off its cellular data usage.


You are likely getting a data limit warning from the native Android settings…and doesn’t have anything to do with your actual Republic Wireless data limit.

Go to Settings -> Data Usage
Make sure the “Set cellular data limit” is OFF.
Also, make sure that cycle is set to coincide with your Republic Wireless Billing cycle.
Tap on the date range
Tap on Change Cycle
Pick the date to match your billing cycle and tap SET

Finally, in the green graph showing cellular data usage…there is grey horizontal line…you can tap and hold on the circle on the right end of it…and drag it up or down to set your data usage warning limit to a suitable value. Sounds like it might be set at 100MB and that’s why you are getting the data usage message.


Thank you. This was very helpful!

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Thank you. I went through each one of your suggestions. I appreciate your knowledge.

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