High Data Usage Under new 3.0 Plan

Upgraded phone and plan this last December with the 6 months free 1GB data. First month went ok and then at the beginning of February, I burned through almost all my data in about a week. Almost all usage is chrome and only light web browsing. Under the old 2.0 plan, I never burned through a 1 GB of data. By the way, under my phone settings data usage section, I have only used a little over .5 GB. I guess Republic has uses their app to burn my data so I have to buy more data?

You can look at your daily data usage in the Republic App under the Cell Data tab.

Click on the up arrow in the bottom right corner to bring up a bar graph that looks like this

The total usage is displayed in MBs. And the per-app data is displayed as a percentage of that total.

You can tap and drag the black markers around to zoom in on a date range.

Republic App is not listed here…as the data used by Republic App is not charged against your data usage

If you are looking at the Data Usage under

Settings -> Data Usage

be sure to change you date range or cycle to match your billing cycle.

You should be able to see your Republic App data usage over here…usually it is in range of few tens of MBs per month.

Again, this does not count towards your monthly allotment.

If Chrome is chewing up your data…it is most likely because the pages you might have open in Chrome are automatically

updating content. If you close out these pages they should stop using any additional data.

I am familiar with the cell data tab, that is how I know chrome is using data. I added 1GB of data yesterday and have been only connected to wifi and I have already 112 MB of data. I have not changed anything from previous months so it should not be chewing up data. I have background data turned off.

You might want to clear out browsing data… by going to

Chrome - Settings -> Privacy -> Clear Browsing Data -> Change top menu to “beginning of time”

Tap Clear Data

Does the Chrome data usage persist even after a restart of the phone?

You can try turning on Data “Saver” in Chrome (may help a little):

Inside Chrome:

Press the *Menu Button *(the three vertical dots), then *Settings. *

Scroll down and select Data Saver and toggle the option to On.

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