High data usage with messaging app when I wasn't using it

One day I noticed the Messaging app used about 70MB of cell data. That day I had only sent a few SMS texts (not MMS) and even then they were probably on WiFi.

About the only thing I can figure, For about 2 1/2 hours I was off WiFi (I had a 3G connection) but wasn’t even using my phone then, though at one point I noticed it didn’t connect to the Wifi at the location. First time for that phone, but my previous had and this phone had the synced info for it. I tried to connect once and it tried then disconnected. I didn’t really need to use it so I really didn’t try to debug it (Like forget the connection then reconnect). BTW, my laptop was able to connect with no issues.

Anyway, I’m wondering if this along with the lastest Republic app update for my Moto G4 Plus (Sprint) which now needs messaging privileges caused this. It is also the first time I had to plug my phone in before going to bed. During that time, I guess it was constantly trying to connect to that “known to be good” wifi spot.

I’ve still got plenty of data, and haven’t had any data spikes since so it’s not an ongoing problem. Heck, I just might use over 200MB of data this month. Just curious of your thoughs. If I get a chance later this week, I can go back to the place and see if i can re-create the situation.

There seems to be few customers with this issue. So I think you are going to have to open a support ticket at the bottom of the help page. Republic Help Use the chat line for faster service if available.

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