Historic Account Data

How do I see voice/text/data wifi/cell statistics for previous periods?

on the computer
log into your account
under the phone click on green bar I want to
click on view calls and messages
at the upper left you will see the month and year above the picture of the phone and below the wording calls & messages
click on the month and year and that will open up a pull down for month year
for me it goes back to Dec. 2015
btw over to the right you will see a small floppy disk if you click on that you can download the info for the month year your looking at.
don’t know if there is a one click for the whole year…

on the phone it
open the RW app
tap the gear
tap manage account
log in
wait for it to bring up the info
tap I want to
tap the calls and messages
you will see month and year
over to the right you will see down arrow
tap down arrow
will bring up months and year
select month and year



This is only part of the question. How can I see how much data I have used in previous months. I can look though my billing and see how much I was refunded and get a general idea of how much data I used, but I would think this would be more easily available in some sort or chart.

you may be able to see that on the phone,
go to settings, cell data and see if there is a drop down for past months…
as long as your billing cycles is set up to the start of the cycle…

I check my phone nexus 6p and it showed the last few months…

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