Home key disappeared after update

I have a Moto G7 running Android Version 10. The home key / navigation bar disappeared after the latest updated (Dec. 2020). I already did a couple of reboots to no avail. This is NOT a trivial change and does make navigation more cumbersome. I always decline gesture navigation but this time I had to respond to questions to get rid of the notification and may have responded too quickly. I have no idea if they are connected but maybe they are. I know there are navigation app’s but thats a last resort.
Has this happened to anyone else and as a very last resort would a system reset fix this.

No need for a system reset. Simple go to Settings – System – Gestures and then under the System Navigation option you should be able to select “3 button” to go back to the old way.


Thanks for your reply, as soon as I selected 3 button, the navigation bar came back. I made some changes in settings for gestures but not the one you suggested. The reset was more for the navigation bar than the gestures, but your solution fixed both.

Thanks Again, worked like a charm!


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