Home Page Wallpaper not what is should be (hacked?)

I have a Moto X 1st Gen. I use Yahoo Aviate as an icon organizer. Somehow, this WIFI page becomes my home page (whether i use Aviate or the Launcher) after a while. the last time this happened, i seem to remember that whichever apps gets opened the most often becomes my home page. To fix the issue, i uninstalled Aviate and the problem cleared. but now, when i remove aviate the problem is still there, so i don’t think aviate is the problem. If my phone is locked, it shows the correct wallpaper as i enter my pin to unlock the phone. i have tried different wallpapers, live wallpaper, removed any xfinity wifi saved locations. I included a few screenshots. How do I get rid of this Xfinity thing and stop it from happening again?

When this happens to my wife we rebooted to safe mode, [tap power button, then press and hold the on screen power off pop-up until the phone reboots] and the Wallpaper was restored, we rebooted to normal mode [standard turn off and on, or a 10 second hold of the power button]

As you have an older RW phone you can still use Safe Mode to test to see if by eliminating all 3rd party apps you can track down the source of the problem

You may want begin by Clearing the Cache both system and apps … then re-boot into Safe Mode run in that mode for a while

  • If your problem re-occurs in safe mode then consider Factory Reset
  • If running in Safe Mode ‘fixes’ the problem you can start to eliminate apps
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