Home Phone Adapter is not an LTE device

Might it be wise to disclose the 'Home Phone Adapter" is not an LTE device and requires wired ethernet connection…

Seems like it a massive overlook to fail to mention the requirement for the Grandstream HT801 to be hooked up to an EXISTING wired ethernet connection.

Initially I assumed the device was an LTE ethernet modem such as Netgear offers.
Thought it might be the followup on the “Republic Wireless Data Sim” trial of last year.

Some of us in rural areas (or is it just me) get our Internet connectivity via a tethered connection to Republic Wireless.

A little clarification might be in order.

Hi @danl.e1wuu1,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve updated the Help Article linked in the “Learn More” button on the Adapter’s home page, and our team will look into adding additional clarity to the landing page next week.

It looks like @louisdi has covered this information in his Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter, which is a great starting place for anyone considering this feature.

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Hi @danl.e1wuu1,

As you mention Republic’s previous data SOM trial, if you haven’t seen it, you might find this of interest: Community Challenge 14: How would you use our new Data SIM? Tell us for your chance to win!.

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