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Hi. I have the home phone adapter and it has been great. However the last few days the home phone hasn’t been working and when I pick up the receiver I get a “Device Not Registered” voice. Ideas? Thank you!


Restart of the unit and my router did it. Thank you!

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For those who might not know, device not registered is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) speak for the adapter is not connected to Republic’s servers. Often, simply restarting the device and/or one’s networking equipment will indeed resolve that.


This has popped up again. The device is plugged straight into my router. both router and home phone adapter have been restarted. I also tried a hard reset on the adapter. Does anyone have the instructions on how to tie it into my Republic account again? Thank you!

Hi @erics.iyaim9 - Here’s the Extend Home Set Up and Number Association document. And here’s a link to the Extend Home FAQ that can be helpful. Hope this helps!

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