Home Phone Adapter not available for Hawaii and Alaska

I suggest that RW post warnings throughout the website that the HPA (Home Phone Adapter) accessory and service is not available for Hawaii and Alaska residents. It was a feature I looked forward to when I subscribed to RW.

I spent far to much time researching and trying to buy a Home Phone Adapter. The checkout application froze when I entered HI so I had to ask “Help” only to be told that the HPA can’t be sent to Hawaii. Someone replied that if I could get a HPA sent to Hawaii that it might work even though our area code 808 might not support the service. Can someone verify what’s so?

Newbie here: After all the time and work to install RW and then restore my original number I just rec’d word that I can’t order the Home Phone Adapter (Extend Home) because it can’t be shipped to Hawaii (or Alaska). The feature was a big selling point for me.

Seems as though this should be posted clearly for us to see before making the switch. Yes?

Someone wrote that it’s not offered here because of our 808 are code, another replied that if I could get it shipped here it would work with my Samsung S8+. Can someone here confirm what’s so?
Aloha, Kerry

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

These two posts (that I’ve merged into a single topic) are the only thing I see from you on the subject. Could you please clarify who these “someones” are who have given you the information you relayed?

This page says it’ll work in Hawaii. They just can’t ship there.

\ 40x40 John S (Republic Help)

Oct 7, 11:32 PM EDT

Hello Kerrith,

I hope your week is going well so far. I understand how puzzling it is when you are unable to place an order shipped to Hawaii. I will shed some light on this for you.

We do not ship to Hawaii. Please click and read Where Can I Have My Order Shipped?

“We offer service in Alaska and Hawaii where available according to our GSM and CDMA partner carrier’s maps. We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii and we do not have a rate center for either state, meaning we cannot transfer a phone number to our service with an area code from Alaska or Hawaii.” Can I Activate a Phone in Alaska or Hawaii? John
As long as you have home internet this would work with your current active line in Hawaii.


[quote=“kerrithk.bru6ww, post:2, topic:29693”]
Can someone here confirm what’s so?
Aloha, Kerry
[/quote] Kerry

Re: “This page says it’ll work in Hawaii. They just can’t ship there.”
How does one go about getting one to Hawaii? One of the activation requirements is that the HPA be bought from WA.

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Since the Extend Home adapter is only available for purchase from Republic, the only way I know of to get one to Hawaii would be to have one shipped to someone in the continental U.S. who would then be willing to ship it to you in Hawaii.

Republic simply does not do business in Alaska or Hawaii. This isn’t limited to the Extend Home and has been true since Republic opened as a business.

Thanks @kerrithk.bru6ww,

That answer looks correct.
We don’t ship to Alaska and Hawaii. I believe you must have known this when you joined us, as you did extensive research prior to joining.

You already have a Republic phone number, so the part about transferring is not relevant to your situation.

If you can get a friend or family member who is in the continental US to ship to you, and if you have a home internet network with an available ethernet port, there is no reason Extend Home would not work.


Thanks for taking the time to reply southpaw.
Re: “I believe you must have known this when you joined us, as you did extensive research prior to joining.” Your snarky “belief” doesn’t feel good; it’s condescendingly abusive. Why on earth would I ask a question if I knew the answer? You’re assuming this website and its “Community”, “Blog”, “Ticket”, and “Help” features are easy to understand and use for seniors such as myself.

Please let someone else reply to any questions I may have in the future.

Please don’t reply to this reply.

P.S: What would have saved everyone time is if there were warnings upfront, “We don’t ship* the Home Phone Adapter to Hawaii and Alaska, however the adapter will work if you can get someone to mail it to you.” Note: Amazon is starting to include shipping restrictions up front in the product description so as to save a buyer the frustration of submitting an order only to find out, “Can’t be shipped…”

  • “ship” implies a mailing problem rather than, “… we don’t mail it because the adapter won’t work in Hawaii.”

Hi louisdiExpert


Republic simply does not do business in Alaska or Hawaii. This isn’t limited to the Extend Home and has been true since Republic opened as a business.

I’m confused by your reply. Someone on our local Pahoa HI Neighborhood Forum, who is happy with RW, recommended it. I have already subscribed to RW and it’s working here on the Big Isle of Hawaii. My problem is that I wanted the Home Phone Adapter feature.

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

Republic has let’s shall we say complicated history with Alaska, Hawaii and for reasons I never completely grasped New Hampshire. At one point, Republic’s documentation clearly stated (and maybe some still does) that Republic didn’t do business in those three states.

More recently, Republic’s documentation seems to reflect more nuance on the matter. As best I understand it, Republic continues to state it doesn’t ship product to Alaska and Hawaii and does not generally offer phone numbers in Alaska, Hawaii and I just checked has none available in New Hampshire. On the other hand, it’s sometimes possible to transfer numbers in Hawaii and New Hampshire from other providers to Republic. To the best of my knowledge, it’s not possible to transfer Alaskan numbers from other providers to Republic.

In any event, I’d agree with you, it’s possible to business with Republic in Hawaii. I’d also point out to others considering doing so, it isn’t necessarily easy to do so. Republic compatible phones are available from retailers other than Republic and Amazon sells Republic’s GSM SIMs, so there are workarounds for Republic’s inability to ship those.

There are currently no alternative retailers selling Republic’s Extend Home adapter. Therefore, the only available workaround for getting one to Alaska or Hawaii is shipment to someone in the lower 48 williing to reship to Hawaii.

It’s not quite as simple as “Republic doesn’t do business in Hawaii.” But the key is that Republic has zero phone numbers available in Alaska and Hawaii, thus they’re not able to do business in those states. But if you can live without a Hawaii phone number, you can do it.

There’s so many ways now to get Republic compatible items other than Republic’s store for cellular phones that it’s no longer a shipping issue.

But the Extend is only shipped from the store, and that’s the issue, as they aren’t able to ship to Hawaii directly.

But someone else in the lower 48 could easily get it and ship it on to you without a problem.

Hi rolandh,
Thanks for the clarifications. I just had an offer from someone in CA to buy and bring a HPA to me. I’m checking to make sure it will work. It’s an important feature for me.

BTW: RA successfully restored my original T-Mobile number however a caller must know to not enter 1-808 before the number else they get a (not authorized …) error message.
Much appreciation, Kerry

Thanks dave_kc
RA was able to restore my original T-Mobile number. Someone offered to buy and bring me a HPA from the mainland. Now I’m checking to see if a HPA will work here on the Big Isle. Some say yes others no.


What Republic’s Extend Home adapter requires is an available Ethernet port on the router providing your Internet connection and an active Republic phone using a My Choice plan. Based on earlier conversations, my understanding is you have both of those things, therefore, yes it will work for you in Hawaii.

Put another way Extend Home works over the Internet. The Internet is no different in Alaska, Hawaii or elsewhere in the U.S.


Thanks rolandh I have enough assurance that it probably will work so I’m willing to buy the adapter. A local HI forum member offered to buy it in CA and bring it here.
Much thanks, Kerry


Sounds like good news @kerrithk.bru6ww

Hi @kerrithk.bru6ww,

I apologize that my tone came across as snarky. It definitely was not intended that way, and I hope you’ll be able to accept a heartfelt apology. It is difficult sometimes without the benefit of tone of voice and facial expression to be “heard” online the way thoughts are written.

I’ve clearly misremembered, and I should have taken the time to go back and re-read your past conversation here. I truly thought you had encountered and worked around the fact that we don’t ship to Hawaii when you joined. I was trying to take apart the reply that you were given by support, that you had asked for someone to verify and confirm, and explain it part-by-part within the context of your situation, to make sure we were all on the same page.

None of our other products specifically call out that we don’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska, but we do mention it in our shipping documentation. I’m certain that it’s something I’ve never thought much about, because I don’t have deal with daily like you do, and I see you’ve mentioned Amazon has begun this practice, but do other online stores typically state this on individual product pages? Typically, our product pages are, by design, meant to describe what the product will do and what it costs, but not to list all the things it won’t do or individualized caveats. I’ll certainly pass the suggestion along to our marketing team to see what they think.

Would you be able to share a link to one of the Amazon products you’ve found with that information included? I’m curious to see if it’s something dynamic that’s displayed only to those with IP addresses in areas where the product cannot be shipped.

I’m glad to see that you have someone who will buy it for you and bring it to you. Could you possibly let me know how much delay that will add to your receiving it? Will you be buying it yourself but shipping to their CA address, or will they be buying it? I’d like to determine if there’s any way we could extend your 14-day return period to allow you to have plenty of time to test it, once it actually reaches you, but I don’t think we could do that if someone else is buying it and reselling it to you.

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