Home Phone Adapter pricing

I have the Home Phone Adapter and I like it. Ordered May 5th and it is already discounted by $20.00? That hurts!

Hi @wshrman,

I’m not posting this to pile on, however, I thought it might be helpful for folks to be aware of Republic’s policy regarding price drops:

For what it’s worth, the price drop isn’t permanent:

I will not be as fast on the trigger next time.

I always hate it too when the price drops shortly after I buy it. The thing is, you can’t predict when the price will drop or if it will even drop, so you could be waiting a long time. If it’s something I really want/need, then I’m willing to pay the original price to get it.

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I was shocked at first but hey, if it helps the Republic sell more, why not. I was paying almost $20/month for my previous voip service. When I called to cancel that service, I was asked the typical “why are you canceling?” The guy I was talking to almost choked when he heard the reason. No way he could top the deal I’m in. I loved my previous voip service. Never had a problem over the years I’ve had it. However when Republic offered the similar device but without the monthly charge, that was a no brainer! Furthermore I was able to keep our home phone number. I just keep loving Republic even more.

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