Honoring Teachers with 50 Percent Off


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Each of us, I am sure, can remember a teacher (or many teachers!) who had a significant and positive influence on our lives – or on our children’s lives. They may have helped us grasp a difficult concept, inspired us to follow our dreams that led to our eventual careers, or helped us through a difficult personal challenge. Teachers hold a special place in our hearts here at Republic Wireless. As we reflect on our role in the technology sector, we appreciate and respect the challenges teachers face every day in incorporating technology into their classrooms, while also teaching their…


Will existing members be eligible for this or only new lines?


The page u enter your info says:
" Sign up here with your work email address to receive a unique discount code you can use to activate a new Republic Wireless cell phone plan."

So i guess its just for new lines.
I dont see any option to apply a discount code to an existing plan.


@davenc @SpeedingCheetah We will be pleased to apply the Educator Appreciation discount to existing lines. Please send an email to hello@republicwireless.com from your valid school email address so we can verify employment. In your email, please also indicate the email address that is associated with your existing account so we can apply the discount. Thank you for everything you do, and happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


What exactly are the requirements and verification for this?

Many folks still have .edu email addresses…but may not be an active staff at a school or university.

is there a student discount program at all?


@SpeedingCheetah We do not currently have a student discount program, though that’s a great idea! We are continuing to explore new ways to offer better value to our members (existing and new), and we hope this program can help honor the hard work our teachers do, day in and day out.

With regard to your question about email addresses, we’ve found that most K-12 email domains actually are not .edu, which helps in doing the double check on our end.

Thanks for the great questions!


Very true of public schools. Perhaps, less true of private schools. I presume private school educators are equally welcome?


@rolandh you are correct!


O. I was thinking college/university teachers. My mistake.

I read now that "K-12 teachers, post-secondary level teachers, and support staff ".

So not for college/university teachers or staff?


@SpeedingCheetah I just realized that’s an error and should say secondary (high school). We’ve just found that the overwhelming majority of interest has come from K-12, which is easier for us to double check than just a .edu email address. Sorry for the confusion!

(Moderator’s note: This post has been edited to clarify the terms of the offer.)


Yea. I’m just kinda wondering how this works for “verification of employment”. To help combat fraud or those not actually teachers.

There are many discount like things that all u need is an .edu email address. All it does is u enter it in, and then click the verification link sent to that address.

Many still have access to their college .edu email address, even after they graduate.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

We have alternate verification methods arranged in case there is any question. In order to not help the fraudsters, we find it’s best not to outline those methods publicly.

Thanks for your concern!


I have some teacher friends who will love to hear about this!

I don’t see any terms or limitations indicated on the promotion page.

Is there a limit of one discounted line per validated email address?

Or, are all of the lines activated on the account with that email address given the discount (which could include family members, extended family members, friends, passersby, etc.)?

(Validating edu addresses will indeed be more complicated, although most colleges and universities do have online faculty and staff directories that you can use. Certainly, there is much more potential for abuse from folks who simply own an .edu address without being current faculty. Glad to hear that you’ll be staying vigilant!)


Hi @andreas,

Currently, our purpose with this promotion is to show our appreciation for educators by offering the discount on the entire account. As with all things, if there are obvious signs of abuse, we’ll have to re-evaluate the offer.


Thanks. That’s very generous!


I’ll be honest, I don’t get this. It seems to be against everything that Republic has always stood for. No, I’m not saying teachers don’t deserve it. But do they deserve it more than firemen, policeman, priests, Rabbi, the military, First Responders of all kinds, monks, those that have taken personal vows of poverty, those on welfare, or the parents of children with cancer? Republic has always been about one price for everyone, because when you offer a group of discount, everyone else has to subsidize it. How is this different? One can argue that K-12 teachers are some of the most underpaid people on the planet, one cannot argue the same about college professors. Why extend to those that make higher than what is the average salary in America. I would argue that 75% of the population that makes less than they do deserve a discount more than they do.

If 50% off is sustainable, Republic should just lower its prices 50%. If it is not, they shouldn’t offer it to anyone because why should the rest of us pay for it?


I will admit that a disabled person on a fixed income, that I know, literally, could not afford a phone or plan, if I wasn’t paying for it.

No one want’s to be the ‘bad-guy’ @louisdi, I appreciate your honesty. That’s what this forum is all about.


I’m torn. My brother is the Athletic Director at his K-8 private school. He and his family are very iPhone centric, so I don’t expect they would make the switch. Still, I plan to ask if his colleagues would find the offer of interest.

I think Republic’s intent is noble. That said, you raise important points.


Hi @louisdi,

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll take it into consideration. It’s easy to forget, as we look to honor a group of people who mean a lot to us, that doing so may make other, equally important groups feel left out or even jealous.

Everyone deserves value, and we always try to find ways to provide value to our members. While a 50% price cut across the board would not be sustainable, offering it to a select group does not necessarily mean others are carrying the burden of paying for it. We haven’t raised your rates in order to make this offer, and we didn’t hold back from lowering them (See: Introducing the My Choice Plan) in order to make the offer. Running a business is complex. In addition to revenue and discounts, there are negotiations, contracts, partnerships, budgets… oh, and the all-important EBITDA. I won’t pretend to understand it all, and knowing you as I do, I’m sure you have far more expertise in these things than I do.

Nowhere have we suggested that educators “deserve” a discount “more than” anyone else. We’ve made a decision, much as you make a decision when you decide on a cause to support, that we’d like to celebrate educators and their role in shaping our lives and the lives of our children, by offering them a discount.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your feedback is, as always, meaningful and worthwhile, and we aren’t dismissing it. We’re sorry to have caused you such consternation, and we’ll keep your points in mind as we think through future initiatives.


This kinda thing sure does evoke folks to ask for other such discount programs.
Military, Student, 55+ etc. Many of the major cell carriers do such as well.

Student one sure is a good one. (I used to get a % off when i was with VZW and in college)
Plenty of broke college students out there, that are most certainly around wifi alot!
Such a program may drum up some business.
Though I would hope it could extend to those already graduated with a degree to submit as verification, to students that still have .edu email access (like me) even is it is only a very small discount, say like 5%. (or perhaps other “perks” or “rewards” type thing.)

But I can understand R.W has to tread very carefully in offering any kind of discount programs.
After-all, their prices are already very good.