Honoring Teachers with 50 Percent Off


How does this work with multiple lines on one account. My husband is a high school teacher but our Republic account happens to be under my name and email address. Would we have to close our account and reopen under his name?


Hi @melissav.wzkpau,

We want to make this as easy as possible on you! Please have your husband send an email from his valid school email address to hello@republicwireless.com. In that email, please also have him indicate the email address that is associated with your Republic account. We’ll then get the discount applied for you based on your email address.



This is nice since teachers and professors at public schools and universities are woefully underpaid and under-supplied.


Thank you for your honest post. As I read this nonsense I was preparing to write a similar post. This is the sort of thing that can cause me to find a different provider. This tendency to put people in various little boxes and attach special characteristics to some is way to Democratic Party for me. It is divisive. My rebellious mind immediately started wondering if I should find another provider. If Republic finds themselves making such an abundant profit they just need to cut their price a bit, and make everyone, including teachers, happy.


There’s no shortage of “honoring” teachers where I live. The PTO goes overboard every year with this. Honoring the school janitors and lunch providers would be nice too. I’d be embarrassed by it if I were a teacher. I’m not sure why those who are already reasonably compensated, and almost always have exceptional public sector benefits not available to most of us in the private sector, need to be “honored” with discounts.


Hi @jamesb.rkvjoe,

Support staff are included in this offer.

I worked for several years as a member of support staff at the elementary school my kids attended, and when teacher appreciation week rolled around, it was always very nice to be included. One mom would personally deliver a bagged breakfast (a yummy cinnamon crunch bagel and cold OJ) to every staff member in the school, and there were over 100 of us!


That’s nice but I’m inclined to agree with the commenter who labeled the program “nonsense” and groups people in boxes with some being favored with discounts, and some not. Being a lawyer I’m used to not being appreciated, ha ha.


This is fantastic - thank you for doing this!

Would this apply to all plans? We’ve got a variety of plans in our family:

WiFi and Cell Talk and Text (Moto G) (3rd Gen.)
Republic Refund 0GB
My Choice Talk & Text

This is mainly due to some of us having older phones. Would the discount apply to these plans or would we all need to get onto the My Choice Talk & Text plans in order to get the 50% off?

Thanks, again!


Hi @natea!

I am going to follow up with you in a DM.

EDIT: DM sent



My Grandfather is a self employed educator. Private Security Instructor/Trainer. He has several certifications etc. I am their “IT Manager” for their business. I did their Website and setup their home network and workstations etc. And help processing paperwork and making certificates for those that complete the training.
I assume that he and I would not qualify for this promotion right?..since its a private home based business, not a normal school/university. We both have emails through their business webhosting company.

Even so, they won’t leave VZW. They been with them for about 30yrs…since the pager days.
“It just works” and they dont want to mess with changing companies.
Also, they have to have a physical store to go into to get assistance with their phones all the time.
They cant do phone or on-line type support.
Old school.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

The spirit of this initiative is to show our appreciation to employees of K-12 General Education institutions. It is not meant for specialized private business offerings like security certification, gymnastics lessons, music lessons, martial arts training, concealed-carry classes, etc.


Thats what I thought. Thanks.
Never hurts to ask.


They must have changed the terms of this to only be K12…as previous posts mention this…

I dont really know these terms. Secondary, post secondary…etc…I was home schooled K through 12th grade then went to college…so…yea.


Is there an option to apply for a home school teacher? Obviously they wouldn’t have the proper email address. They work very hard for no pay.


You’ll need ask if Homeschooling is an option to get this and if it is one would need to to be able to provide validation of status (e.g., home school registration record with the state, etc.),

There is an email address for questions and help on the bottom of the sign up page for this program
Where you can send republic that information

edit 7-18 for unsure status if home schooling is included in this


These are not commonly used trems anymore and the reason their names are base on the old rule of when a person could drop out in the 50’s and 60’s
Primary = k-8th [elementary/middle/Jr-high]
Secondary = 9th-12th [high school]
Post Secondary = collage/university/trade school
Postgradute is those going for master and doctor degrees, [in my university the professors were the same for undergraduate and postgraduate ]


Hi @jonathanh.54pydg,

I’d like to clarify that the focus of this initiative is not about pay inequity.

As we reflect on the teachers we remember because they made a difference in our lives, we realize that teachers are in a unique position to impact the lives of so many young people. As a company, we want to encourage teachers to promote healthy, appropriate use of technology in an age where screen addiction is reshaping our societal norms.


I was thinking of signing my son up for this plan. He is an educator at our elementary school. Is this a promo for a limited time or a regular 50% off plan?


Hi @dennisb.syklj2,

The offer will be open for sign-ups for a limited time. Once a member has signed up, we are committed to keeping the discount on the service line through May 31, 2020.


I do know this offer was well-intentioned, but I’m with those who feel that businesses we patronize shouldn’t be making decisions about which public service or private company employees get reduced prices. It might be fine to give discounts, if you wish, to those who improve the value of the service (volunteers), long-time customers, customers who find bugs, etc., buy I don’t want businesses whose products/services I use to be making decisions, based on their social values, about who should get better pricing. It’s not just that I don’t like that it smacks of social engineering, but no matter how you do it, it will turn off other customers, including many who are just as or more deserving than those selected. Thanks for your hard work for us.