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What about homeschoolers?


CT doesnt require registration most states actually dont, and trust me they seriously dislike it when people home school…they lose total control of what to program into these young kids’s minds…


Right now this program is not available to home school teachers.


@drm186 posts states otherwise


The information I have been given states that the program is only available to those with a valid school email address.


my post was when the program just started the since them the program was more limited to just and lots of unknown, It was unsure one could always ask. (I still unsure if Home school are not allowed) (they did limit it to just primary and secondary after that post perhaps that ruled out home schooling)


Hi @pricelessme_ct,

Looks like I’ve failed those who help out here, by providing conflicting messages in the documentation I’ve provided them as the program has evolved. Let me get some details straightened out, and I’ll get a final answer to your question.


Hi @pricelessme_ct,

Our program does require validation of status as a home school, for example by providing the home school registration through the state or other governing body.

If you click through to the landing page for the discount, and click to sign up, there is an E-mail address in case you have questions or need help. That is the E-mail address to use to submit any validation you may be able to provide.


I apologize @pricelessme_ct, as my information was out of date.


You haven’t failed!! Things change just happened across this page and interested in knowing. I used to homeschool but I just had to withdraw my child and inform the BOE with a notice of intent. CT doesn’t require any official document other than the letter notifying them.



Any advice available about how long this opportunity might be available (to sign up? See the commitment that the discount will last at least until May 31, 2020)?

With the new school year just getting started, a new batch of teachers may learn about this and about RepublicWireless.

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All the public information available on the promotion, you’ve seen here. Republic has not announced if/when they’ll terminate sign-ups.