Hoping something changes soon

My wife and I have helped 9 families with republic and moto phones since we became members in 2013.
I’ve found work arounds for many of the problems like VoIP not accepted. Just use email, etc.

There are no rules, only solutions.

Sadly, my family has been switching from republic wireless over the past year. Apparently, Spectrum is comparable in price.

Recently, our family has been saying that our phones either go straight to voicemail or it’s not a working number, etc. At first I took it with grain of salt. I’ve heard this from time to time for years, however after hearing the same thing over and over from all family members poking fun at how they can never get ahold of us on the phone. Text only. Oddly, my wife and I haven’t minded before. We usually prefer text anyway unless it’s an emergency. Recently, our grandkids were trying to call multiple times in a row for a chat, invite, etc. Well, needless to say she’s made it load and clear. :mega: She doesn’t want to miss phone calls from her grandkids.
I’m sad to say that my wife removed our auto renewal 10 months for 12 from her account. :tired_face:
I can only hope that something changes between now and next May '22. I love republic wireless. I’ve told more people than I can count how it changed my life.
I’ve enjoyed touting the great product, advantages and especially cost for switching to republic wireless.
We have invested our savings and it pays our yearly bill and then some.
I’ve enjoyed learning android, playing with multiple devices, fix its and work arounds, community chats, etc.



I also removed 2 phones from auto renew. I believe that for some, the added sophistication touted by RW the past few years has added to some undesirable unexplained phone behavior. The added uncertainty of the sale that appears to be leading to a management/customer service model closer to ATT/DISH troubles me.

I’m not intending to be argumentative, however, for the sake of clarity AT&T and DISH do not share ownership. AT&T owns a majority stake in DISH’s competitor in the satellite TV space (DirecTV). DISH has a contractual agreement with AT&T for AT&T to supply network services to wireless customers of one of DISH’s brands (currently, Republic, Ting Mobile, Boost Mobile and if that just announced sale closes Gen Mobile). I’ll leave it to each individual to decide to what degree AT&T and DISH share a business model but to reiterate AT&T and DISH do not share ownership of any kind.


Hi @curtish.x6psyo,

Setting aside the part about how/whether AT&T and DISH are related, I’m curious to know what this means and what kind of customer service changes you’re worried you might see? What do you like about our current customer service model and what troubles you as you gaze into your crystal ball?

I’m not and have never been disappointed with republic wireless customer service.

In fact I have personally enjoyed most of the learning experience throughout my time with republic wireless.
Troubleshooting Android and the Moto series phones with WiFi and cellular transfers has made dealing with chromebooks and tablets all the more pleasant. Especially, after 3+ decades of dealing with anything windows based. I haven’t fixed a software problem in over 5 or 6 years now other than a restart or factory reset. Hardware and damage issues aside.

My only concern now is how much better and cheaper other providers are getting in comparison.

One of our kids has Mint mobile and are happy with it for now. Four of them have Spectrum wireless and are ecstatic. Two others have Verizon, although their work pays most of their bill.
I’ve looked into Spectrum. Plans for 2 sharing 3 gigs are $42 flat which is $higher than republic, but 1 more gig. We have both become so accustomed to free WiFi in the last 8 years that 90% of the time we don’t use the 1 gig each. Spectrum does offer a $14 flat for 1 gig plan, but its $14 if you go over.
So, I think for us it’s not the cost that’s the issue now. It’s the call handover and WiFi sleep mode that’s causing us to consider a change.

  1. How does that affect republic?
  2. Is republic working on any software solutions?
  3. If cell phones have a WiFi sleep mode. Would it be prudent for the Republic app to automatically disable this since its primarily a WiFi based service?
  4. If routers using the 6 band that doesn’t work well for WiFi/VoIP, would it be prudent to recommend routers that don’t require average users to figure out a workaround?

I’m concerned that with more than 2 other providers without the WiFi/VoIP issues with comparable pricing and same or better cell providers (Verizon, Tmobile, etc) without some forward thinking and some changes that republic wireless will . . . . . Hmmm :thinking:

My bet, and please note this is SPECULATION, is that Republic’s “special” wifi technology will be going away with the changes that the new ownership will eventually bring. It was a tremendous advantage years ago when Republic first launched, now, in my opinion, it brings more problems than it solves. it limits the phones that can be used. It causes the inability to use Republic numbers for something like Venmo. It causes the sleep issue that you’re seeing. I honestly struggle to see why Dish would keep it moving forward.

There’s lot of info out there that leads me to this speculation: 1) The announcement by Dish regarding AT&T (which would require reengineering any way). 2) The announcement that no additional phones are being certified while a new process that widens phone choice is being worked on. 3) The end of the Extend Home offering.

To me these things plus just the direction the industry is heading (and how good carrier wifi calling is now) leads me to this educated speculation.

Wifi 6 routers work as well as, or better, than Wifi 5 or 4 routers. Are you having some issue that was blamed on Wifi 6 by someone?


For the record, I’m using a Wi-Fi 6 router and having no problems at all. My Pixel 3a does connect using Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) rather than 6 specific 802.11ax, however. But I don’t think there are many phones using ax yet.

There are hints that you are correct. First, Republic stopped selling Extend Home devices that depend on RW"s VOIP structure, Now they have put a halt to certifying new phones that work on Republic as they work to make the approval process allow a greater variety of phones. They can’t let that halt go on a lot longer. Change is coming for both better and worse.

In the absence of official announcements, I look at the reality of what is known. Among that which is known is DISH has acquired 4 brands (Republic, Ting Mobile, Boost Mobile and pending closing Gen Mobile. Of those 4 brands, only one (Republic) uses proprietary VoIP technology for WiFi calling and text messaging. Logic would suggest, at some point, DISH would want to harmonize as many backend systems as possible even if leaving the brands separate. Which direction does one go?

To me, this hints which direction that might be.

In the longer run, the potential ability to certify a wider range of phones as being compatible is a benefit. In the shorter term, there’s business risk in not certifying new phones as those wanting to use a new phone now might choose to move to an alternative service provider. Presumably, Republic/DISH are aware of and understand this.

No doubt, the question(s) remaining are, on balance given one’s individual circumstances, are the changes for better or worse? Once more is known, each of us would be in a better position to decide. While uncertainty isn’t particularly satisfying to me, as of now I have no compelling reason to seek an alternative to my Republic service as it exists today, so I remain content to wait and see.


“I remain content to wait and see.”

Me too.


Just for reference purposes the Republic compatible phones that have Wifi 6 (ax): Samsung Note 10 & 20 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 & S21 Series, and OnePlus 8. These are popular phones and if there was a Wifi 6 problem with wifi calling it would be a known issue as there would be lots of tickets/complaints about it.

Wait and see it is.
The current Global pandemic has been eye opening for many behind the curve.
It’s time to sprint ahead.
I have until May 14th, 2022.
Logic tells me, Giddy-up Republic.

My wife has a simple phrase that she uses to help others in relationship dismay.
If you are not tending to your garden. Someone else will. In general terms. Get out your spade and trowel and get to work or move on.

Updated 10/25/2021: It appears that this is becoming a repetitive subject throughout the community chat.