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I have Moto G4 plus for about 3 years? The battery is getting hot. And it is not holding a charge as long as it used to. Is it time for a new phone?

For better or worse, phone batteries last 2-3 years before you start experiencing what you’re describing and will only get worse from here. You could try to remove battery intense apps to help the battery last longer or you can get a new phone. It all depends on how much you’re willing to deal with.

Personally, I would get a new phone as 3 years is a pretty decent life for a cell phone.


Agree. Thanks for helping me confirm the inevitable!


I have a Moto X Pure Edition and it is doing the very same thing. My battery only lasts about 2 hours and gets really hope when I use the internet. Would replacing the battery help instead of getting a new phone?
Thanks, Betsy

Hi @betsyb.iigwwi,

Perhaps, however, please know the battery in a Moto X Pure is not intended to be user replaceable. Given the age of the phone (manufactured in 2015), you may find it’s not worth the investment of having the battery professionally replaced.

Though this may be simply a matter of a worn out battery (again not unusual given the age of the phone), you mention the phone getting hot when using the Internet. Does the phone get hot when connected to WiFi or only when using cellular data for Internet access? Does the phone also get hot when using apps that don’t require Internet access?

If not, would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more)? Additionally, may we know which of Republic’s partners your phone is provisioned for coverage with. Here’s how to tell:

Please let us know if you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type?

Thanks for the reply! I do know this is the second battery, replaced the original about a year and a half ago. It seems to get hot using wifi although I can’t be for sure. SIM type is CDMA (CSIM). Hope this helps.

Oh, sorry my zip is 23803

Hi @betsyb.iigwwi,

Please allow me to provide some context regarding Republic’s coverage options. Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one partner or the other not both simultaneously.

CDMA (Sprint network) coverage in your area does have its weak spots. Worse, with CDMA when a phone attempts to hang onto a weak cellular signal; it does so by increasing radio power, which may very well explain both the weak battery and warm phone. It was your mention of this manifesting itself when using the Internet that sent me down this path.

On the other hand, when connected to WiFi, your phone would prefer that to cellular coverage. Therefore, I’d like to confirm the experience is the same when connected to a WiFi source such as your home network and when out, about and away from WiFi?

Overall, GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage looks better in your area. Additionally, GSM technology doesn’t increase radio power output to nearly the same degree CDMA technology does when cellular signal is weak. I’d like to send you some additional information via private message, if you’re amenable to that.

Sorry, for the late reply. Please feel free to send a private message. When trying to recall occasions when the phone gets warm/hot, yes it does when I’m at home using our WIFI here. However, it does not seem to get as hot when I’m here at home as when I’m out and about. Makes sense? Look forward to hearing from you.

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