Hot phone - black screen, Optimizing

I left home this morning and noticed my phone (Moto G) was very hot. I pulled it out of my pocket to use and it said “Optimizing 73 of 197 apps” above a black screen. The phone was virtually useless at this point.

Why does it decide to do some rigorous operation like this with no forewarning? It completely blocked the functionality of the phone as it heated up to an excessive temperature. And, if it was doing some cell data operation, does that count against my quota? Grrrr!

This indicates that the power button was accidentally depressed in your pocket. Depressing the power button for an extended period is what will cause the phone to go in to this mode.

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Can you elaborate on this? If the power button is pushed, for a certain length of time, then the phone goes into an Optimize mode for every single app? What is it exactly optimizing?

I’ve kept the phone in my pocket when not in use for a number of years and never saw this kind of problem. Is there a setting to prevent the phone from doing such a strange thing? Thank-you.

The older versions of Android have a routine called “optimizing” that is a process where each and every app is recompiled. It takes for every and is generally triggered when either 1) The phone is powered on while plugged in or 2) The power button is held down and the phone restarts and the power button remains held down as the phone is restarting.

There is no setting to prevent this.

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