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Xfinity/comcast is doing maintenance in our neighborhood. My wife works from home and is using a MotoX Pure which has hotspot connectivity. If the home wifi is active will the phone use the wifi for the hotspot and when it drops use cellular data as a source, just like a handover with a call? She must be using a secure connection for her VPN’ work.



Is she using the Moto X Pure itself for the work…or is she using the Hotspot feature on the phone to use the phone data for access to a secondary device such as a laptop?

If it is the latter…once you use the phone as a hotspot using the setting in the RW app…it stops connecting to the WiFi.



She is working on a laptop that has multiple sessions open, if you lose a connection, you must log into all again. For her work. normally she uses just our wifi and no problems. She can’t use my Karma Go as it is not a secure connection.

We want to limit the cellular data ( kind of the RW concept) as well as avoid having to go in and out of the xfinity wifi to the hotspot wifi so she does not lose here connection. Therefore if the phone handsover seamlessly like a call we should have nothing to worry about but she has been needing to log back into sessions. I was wondering if there is a setting that we need to change either in the RW app or Android.



As soon as you turn on the portable hotspot option in the RW app…it shuts off the phone WiFi. So it won’t know the status of your xfinity WiFi.

I agree it could be a cool feature if you could remain tethered and RW app could sort of if it stays on WiFi or becomes a hotspot…but not available in the current incarnation.



This is the way all smartphones Android, iOS or otherwise connect to cell data. In other words, as soon as the WiFi connection drops your wife’s phone should connect to cell data, if available.

If I’m understanding correctly, you’d like to take that one step further and have her phone’s tethering feature automatically activate to feed data to your wife’s laptop. That’s not the way tethering on a smartphone is currently designed to work. Might Republic engineer something on top of standard smartphone behavior to enable something like this? Perhaps, however, it’s not something currently possible.

I’m uncertain but maybe something like Tasker could be used to create the effect:



Actually, it has been working for tethering from the smartphone to the laptop accessing her companies systems, I thank another responder Amitl for his/her input and acknowledgement that the handing over back and forth in real time as needed is not currently a feature that the republic app supports.



Handing over a tethering connection in real time isn’t how tethering works generally. It’s just not how the feature has been implemented on any smartphone operating system platform I’m aware of. Were Republic to find a way to implement such a scheme via the Republic app, which is designed to manage calling and text messaging not cell data connections, they would be (as far as I know) the first to do so.



That would be similar to having a non-phone hotspot that would automatically switch to WiFi and back to cell. Any devices doing that available?

It would a nice feature for RW to have available but doubt many members would have much use for it on a daily basis.



Yes I know, old thread. Interestingly, Samsung offers this feature through their Samsung Flow App. With the App on both the phone and the computer you can set it to automatically use the phone as a hotspot should the computer’s other wifi connection fail or fail to provide internet access.

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Too bad we are using Motorola phones, thanks for the info.



A somewhat incomplete solution from my point of view as a Mac user. :slightly_smiling_face: The roster of compatible Samsung devices also skews (understandably) toward the higher end.

I didn’t mention it in my earlier post, however, there are routers with network failover capability such as those from Cradlepoint: These, of course, are not compatible with Republic’s service and are largely aimed at businesses.

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