Hotmail junk folder conflicting with IMAP


I got a Moto G3 & have 2GB plan? I had to use Gmail for account. I have & use my Hotmail account for for most. Now have both on phone & they have problem?

When I delete on Hotmail I get message from Microsoft that folders in mailbox (junk) have conflict with others or system reserved names. Folders with these names can’t be downloaded by IMAP.

SAYS to connect to mailbox using Web browser & rename these folders. Once renamed folders will be displayed in your IMAP email app correctly.

I don’t know how or what to do & I keep getting this message 10 times a day.



Turn sync off of the Gmail account or add a app for the Hotmail account and delete it from the phone accounts.

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This is the app that will best handle your hotmail.

Microsoft Outlook - Android Apps on Google Play


You may have two folders that could be confused as a place to put junk mail, or two folders with “junk” in the name. Below is a solution from one of the Microsoft forums that has worked for some folks:

I suggest you to access your account via web browser and check if you see two junk folders with the same or similar name (or two that may be considered junk folders).

If you do see two possible conflicting junk folders, then I suggest you to rename one of the folders to something that would not be considered a junk folder.

Please follow the steps to rename the folder:

  • Right click on the folder.
  • Select rename and change it.