Hotspot and tethering temp use permanently knocked out cell data. 2.0

i turned on tethering a couple weeks ago. when that didn’t work i turned on wifi hotspot. it worked for about 15 minutes then shut off. since then i can not get data on cell networks. it says “cell calls & messages. no data”. i’ve long since turned off both tethering and hotspot. have the refund plan. which i think is 2.0? this is messing up my work because i have to check in at sites thru cell.

how much of your cell data from the refund plan have you used? (i would guess all or most of it- you need to buy more data if you want cell data…)

may not be the case here but roaming data is used up at a rate of 18.3x Native data (about 26.8 cents per roaming MB vs 1.46 cents per native MB)

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