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Does republic offer hotspot service?

Hi @tom4342!

Yes, Republic offers hotspot service for no additional fee. The only exceptions are the 1.0 unlimited plans and Beta plans. You can find out how to enable it in the Republic app here: How to Enable Mobile Hotspot – Republic Help .

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


Hi @tom4342 - @mb2x is correct if you want to turn your phone into a hotspot to support your other WiFi devices.

If you are asking if RW has hotspots I would say no. They did offer RW verified WiFi hotspots but stopped that program in August 2018. Removing RW Verified WiFi Hotspots

If you plan to use your phone as a hotspot now might be a good time to take advantage of the newly announced Data Lift option. Using your phone as a hotspot will use your data.

Hope this helps!


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