How and where to enter help or problem tickets


I have spent ovehalf hour trying to enter a ticket. I have severe performance problems and can’t even enter a ticket.

Phone Brand: Moto X pure
Phone Model: xt1575
Plan: plan 3, unlimited voice and text and 1gb data.
Plan Data: yes

Issue Description

Weak phone signal and anywhere away from home it just says no data connection when not on wifi. Sort of like old XT Defy before they reissued new phones with two radios. I would like to be contacted so I can better described the problems.

Hi @mfklinux!

So you want to know where to open a ticket? You can open a ticket here:


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Hi @mfklinux

Here are instructions to opening a Support Ticket.

You can look for the blue Chat Now button on the support request page if that would suit you better.

(click to enlarge)


Also, if the page isn’t working for you, you can send a text to to open a ticket


The Republic App also has links to open a ticket as well. Under the help section.

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Thank you for helping. I may have gotten a ticket in, not sure. I. Will
persue it further tomorrow.

Hi @mfklinux,

I’m not seeing a ticket associated with the same E-mail address you use to sign into Community. I can create one on your behalf, if you’d like, but i’m not understanding how that will help, if you can’t receive it or respond on it.

First, on the email part sometimes not address on the return shows up to be
my old email address which I can’t seem to get out of my system so if it is
anything other than [redacted], it is the old address. I got some
replies on entering the ticket, so sometime tomorrow I will try to describe
the problems in a manner that maybe someone can understand. I can do
everything ok as long as I am at home location and/or on wifi. I will try
to include the details that may help. Thank you.

Ok, just reply here (in your Community thread) if you need any help.

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