How are new plans better?



My Moto X first gen was damaged, and I would have had to send it to the manufacturer for repair to continue to use my service. I tried local repair shops, but they couldn’t help. I was told that I would not be able to continue my current plan if I purchased a different phone. I was on the refund plan with one GB of data. While on the plan, the data was slow. I decided to purchase a Moto X Pure Edition, so that I can switch to any carrier. I decided to go with Metro PCS. They are currently offering a special of $30 per month (total, which includes taxes) for unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of data. After the 2 GB are used, I get unlimited slower data. My experience has been ideal, so far. The first two GB are fast, and I am still able to play youtube videos even on the slow data (with buffering, of course), and can still use data to navigate and use apps like shopping apps.

I wouldn’t go back to RW, given that I can’t have my old plans and given the speed and limitations of the data plans.


If T-Mobile has native data in your area, MetroPCS can be a great choice. Unfortunately, I travel frequently an in many of these areas TMO relies on roaming partners, which MetroPCS customers don’t have access to, and I would end up with no service. WIth Republic, in these areas I can call/text. That alone is worth any price premium.


Your comment about speed limits is more of a local issue and the limitations of your Moto X1.

My data speeds are just fine for my needs (between 6 and 7 Mbps) with my X1, and if I had a Moto X2 or newer phone, the data speeds would be even greater due to the availability of Sprint Spark.

Anyhow, if you are happy, then that’s all that counts.


Thanks for the great feedback @donalds.aanqsj. We’ll make sure to share your feedback with our product team regarding the future phone and service portfolio.

We very much appreciate your advocacy over the years to your neighbors. Good stuff!


We prefer the refund plan since we rarely use cell data because we’re retired. I wish you would include this option in. your new plans Google FI has a refund plan and although I love RW, we will be looking at their service when our refund phones die.
The other thing is that you should make it easier to pay. Perhaps with gift cards. Not everyone uses credit cards, or even debit cards so more options would increase your customer base.


Google Fi has the advantage of controlling the hardware and operating system on the phone. Something that Republic had previously, but the decided to go with a wider selection of phones instead. With Fi you can only choose from the Nexus or Pixel devices that Google controls. For some that may work fine, but for many others who prefer less expensive, or Samsung, or something else, it does work.

As far as payment, take a look at the ideas here: Alternative Payment Methods


[quote=“amitl, post:9, topic:8690, full:true”]
I have two phones on the Clear Choice plan and two phones on the Refund plans…the overall calling experience on the new phones is vastly superior on the Clear Choice plan phones.[/quote]

amitl, can you elaborate on the superiority of the calling experience on Clear Choice plans.

I have a moto x (1st gen) on the refund plan. It works ok but there are minor annoyances. For example, it seems that often when make a voice call, nothing happens but when I initiate the call again, it goes through fine.

When trying to use the internet via cell, it often won’t connect if there is a nearby wifi signal even if that signal is not public. If I then turn off wifi, the connection to cell data becomes available. (I know there is an app to turn off wifi when driving but this happens when stationary as well.)

Also, I’m curious whether there are differences in quality of wifi and cell calls, how well the wifi to cell hand off works, etc. Any differences in how well wifi spots are found and logged into?

Do you attribute any of the differences to GSM vs CDMA?

So, your (and others) experience on quality and feature differences would be greatly appreciated. I am a low data user so love the refund plan but I would be willing to pay a little more to get a better voice and data experience.

I actually considered starting a new thread for this question (to get away from price discussion) but I thought I would ask here first. Thanks.


I have made no changes to my underlying WiFi setup. I have a 7+ yr old WRT54GL router.

On my Moto X1, I could rarely carry on a conversation for any significant length of time without the other party complaining about some aspects of the call…whether it was missed words, quality of voice, or sometimes complete
inability to hear me or even dropped calls mid-conversation.

On my Moto X Pure, I consistently get good quality audio every single time. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was able to carry on a half hour phone call with the phone placed on speakerphone without any echo, choppy audio or any other typical issues of WiFi calling.

I do have moderate CDMA signal and even better GSM signal at my house. So I am not sure if the bonded calling magic works better because of the better GSM signal…but the net result is really good.

On my Moto X1, I used to dread getting calls on WiFi…sometimes I would intentionally switch off WiFi…if I was expecting an important call.

I haven’t played around with the handover settings too much…and I don’t really talk while walking around… so handover is not a big feature for me. Having said that… I have driven off while on a call from home a couple of times…and on those handful of occasions the phone handed over just fine from WiFi to cellular. Since this is not an oft-used feature for me I don’t have a good recollection of how my moto x1 handled handover.

Cellular data is largely better for me because of superior GSM coverage in my area. As good as GSM coverage is in metro areas…it does thin out quickly as you drive away to more rural settings.

The 3.0 app lacks the captive portal login feature…so any WiFi network that requires additional verification, you will need to punch in those credentials each time you reconnect to them. RW app does not remember them for you like it used to for the Refund and 1.0 plan phones.


Thanks for your reply. It doesn’t sound compelling enough for me to jump to 3.0 just yet even though I have to keep a backup battery in my pocket to make it through the day. I get good wifi calling at home.

Eventually it will happen. Who knows. Maybe Republic will be on 4.0 by then.

I would still love to hear about anybody else’s experience with the switch.


Hi @royrose

I would agree with @amitl. My situation was different…(subterranean environments)… Went from an unstable signal on the MXP from a semi-functional X1/2… into a complete reversal.

I would not guarantee the same results, but I have not had an issue with a phone call lately, that I can recall.


I am trying to understand why as an existing customer I got a plan price increase for simply getting a new phone. Was on the $10/Mo. plan. Granted $15.00/Mo. is still a great deal but I don’t recall other carriers requiring you to upgrade a plan (Cost) simply because you get new hardware.


The old plans (i.e. 1.0 and 2.0) used phones that had their innards modified by Republic to work in their system. They aren’t selling those phones anymore although you can still buy them used. The new phones have unmodified innards and so they work differently and therefore require the new plans (i.e. 3.0). It is a price increase for some users but as you say, it’s still a great deal.


I am a Republic wireless I bought a new phone and switched over from my Motog to my Motog4 Play. The options for a plan is choice, but I want my refund plan that I had before. How do I get that back or is that still an option?


all new phones need the Clear Choice plans
the Refund plans can only be used on the old Legacy Phones
{Moto X 1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto G 1st, Moto G 3rd, Moto E 1st and Moto E 2nd}


I would rather pay my fair share and have a sustainable company I can trust will be here tomorrow and next year too. RW has always been fair to me & has saved me thousands of dollars in 5 yrs time. If I cut back on coffee or scratch lottery I can afford a higher price… Who am I kidding $5.00 is nothing to me when I have these gas prices raising $0.40 cents a night with a 40 gallon gas tank. I am not saying people are cheap, households are expensive these days, but I feel RW is fair and there is other ways to save than going cheaper on the cell plans.


I’ve been on a Moto X with the Republic Refund for some time now and love it. But my phone fell out of my pocket today while biking and the screen shattered. Can I stay on the Republic Refund if I buy a new phone? I’m looking at going with the Moto G4 but as I use very little data I’m looking at adding $8-10 a month if I loose my refund plan which means my bike ride will cost me over 200 today and about 100 for the year! Drat.


Hi @brandonb.qrcyzf!

If you buy the Moto G4, you will not be able to use your refund plan anymore. You will have to move to a Clear Choice plan. This so true with all the phones now sold in the RW shop. However, you can still find used (and maybe even a few new) phones that work with Republic. The following phones will work on your Refund plan as long as the phone is a Republic version and is not reported lost or stolen: Moto E1 and E2, Moto G1 and G3, and Moto X1 and X2. I am sorry about that, bit I hope it helps!



Hi @brandonb.qrcyzf

Just for perspective…
2.0 plan is $10+$15(1GB data) = $25/Month
3.0 Plan is $15+ $5(1GB data) = $20/Month

While you are a low data user, (like me), it does equate to a rise in price, However, there are benefits.

  • Better devices: Unlocked phones that can be used across multiple carriers.
  • Freedom to to be a little more free with data consumption.
  • A community that cares and looks out for it’s members, and a Company that ensures that environment.

I think many long time customers of RW were disappointed in the 3.0 plans, (including me) at first. But I also think many have come to understand the value. In a post above our friend and compadre @bocephous talked about gas prices rising overnight…I literally watched the price change because I was hungry and stopped at McD’s for a cheeseburger, in those few minutes, gas went up $0.36…expensive cheap cheez-burger.


I use very little data I’m looking at adding $8-10 a month if I loose my refund plan

Sounds as if some months you use no data. If the case you can go with the $15 plan and when data needed simply upgrade and pay the $5 to get 1 GB. That would help lower the ride cost.


Long time user here - I’m still on the grandfathered plan of $25/month for 5GB of 3G data. It works and I hate change.

I have a Moto G, 1st Gen. If I buy a Moto G, 3rd Gen, will I be able to transfer over and still keep my current plan? How about the Moto X’s?

Only thinking about new-to-me phones because mine is getting a little wonky.