How bad is an un-optimized phone?

I have a Motorola X from several years ago, and i’m planning to upgrade it soon. I would really, really like to get a Moto Z Play for the mods and things; but I keep getting informed that its not optimized for my area.

I live in Maine and so I understand most of the state up north does not have good cell coverage, but I live in the south, near the coast. I have looked at a map. I have solid 3/4G coverage and wifi to spare; from pretty much all major networks.
Do you think its safe to buy, or are there other factors i’m not aware of that are preventing ‘optimization’

The Moto Z can only be used with the Republic GSM partner (it is a GSM only phone). The issue, if the phone doesn’t work in your area, is there’s no way to move the phone to Sprint, so you’re stuck.

Here’s what I can say, the GSM partner has almost no coverage in Maine. The coverage there is is largely roaming.

I would run from the Moto Z as fast as you can.


here the map from the GSM partner for the state of main
Green is native coverage (over optimistic in my option)
Grey is Roaming
White is no coverage

Sprint is not much better
dark Green native
Light Green roaming

and here’s Sprint data coverage
yellow is LTE Orange is 3G

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