How can i be out of room?

moto g 3 5.1.1 which is lollipop i guess. this is my first smart phone. i have message that not enuf room to update. an 8 gig phone with 4.54 used. and “2.43 avail” [Gb] the ONLY app i added is a grocery store shopping app. i have a 16GB Sd card with tons of room. i almost never take pics, and those i do i remove soon after. NO music.i have “cleared cache” a few times.i am about “besides myself” trying to understand where 3GB went to and i have no clue what built-in apps i can “safely” remove, and why should i, actually. if it weren’t for the investment i made in buying the phone i’d have cancelled service already. most frustrating. can i make the phone use the sd as “internal”?

What does the full storage page look like

the Total Space would be the 8GB-the OS and built in apps (this should be around the 4.5GB as the OS and built in apps are around 3.5 GB {as was reported on Republic Moto G 3rd Gen tech spec page Moto G (3rd Gen.) Tech Specs })

the “2.43 avail” should mean you have that much space left on your phone (I will note that I learn the hard way that about 1 GB needs to be left open for the phone to function correctly )

Please see Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage on how to best manage the Space (this was written for the Moto E but most of the items stated will apply to the Moto G 3rd also)

can i make the phone use the sd as “internal”?
this is a feature of Marshmallow and later OS which the Republic Moto G 3rd Gen will not see

i have no clue what built-in apps i can “safely” remove


Some of the bundled apps that you may consider disabling include Assist, Cloud Print, Drive, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Newsstand, Google+, Hangouts, HP Print Service Plugin, Motorola Alert, and Motorola Migrate. Rule of thumb, if you don’t know for sure, leave the app enabled.
as long as it’s not a system app you should be able to disable it, you will never recover the core app space as it will still be in the ROM you will be able to uninstall updates which will return some of the space

thanks, sometime during the day it did update and i have 2.70G avail so, we move ahead, lol

gone from bad to worse; i managed to remove the keyboard function, anbd try as i might the reset instruction " power and vol down 2-3 seconds" don’t work. and i can;'t seem to turn it off, it just reboots… what direction should i throw it?

sound like you may have disabled the Gboard app (Google keyboard) you should be able to restore it by either going into the setting /apps/disable/Gboard and tap enable


going into the Google Play store and find Gboard - the Google Keyboard - Android Apps on Google Play and install


I can’t add anything for you to do with the phone besides Go throw it west young man. But seriously food for thought. Next phone don’t buy a phone under 16GB, actually I personally won’t buy anything under 32GB because there’s more apps every day and the Operating systems are taking up alot of acreage on the phones installed memory. I plan on keeping a phone 2-4 yrs depending on the phone specs and quality. Good luck to you!

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thanks finally got it to reset, and> surprise, it had somehow backed up along the way… i appreciate all the help, thanks guys

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