How Can I Block Robo Calls and other Calls Like This?




I have a Moto G 1st Generation that has Android 5.1.

What is the best way to block robo calls? Is there an app I should use or a technique? For some reason I’m starting to get about 1 a week. I don’t answer them.



I am using the Extreme call blocker listed near the end of this blog


@johnd.8e056v - Do you happen to know if these calls are mostly coming in via cell (even when you’re around wifi)? If so, at least some of them may be coming in through your carrier number - the “Sprint number” talked about in the post drm186 linked to. If that’s the case, open up a ticket with support, and they can change your carrier number very easily, which may help to reduce the unwanted calls. (You won’t notice anything changed, other than hopefully less spam calls!)

If the calls are coming to your main number, a 3rd party app may be your best solution, though.


The best way I know of to determine which number is receiving these calls is to compare online call history with the phone’s local call log. If it’s not on the former but on the latter, as I understand it, the call came to the carrier number.


You can’t. They change the number daily. I have been getting the same robo calls now for about a year or two. I get about one a day, sometimes two. They are from the same business. I block them with the call blocker that is in the dialer . The next day, I get the same robo call, different number.


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