How can I buy the Ascend?

I am an existing customer with $130 burning a hole in my pocket. But I have never seen the phone in stock from the day I received the preview email, to this very minute. Help me help you!

Hi @brianh.hvtqxn!

The Huawei was released a few days ago and sold out very fast. Republic Wireless does not expect anymore stock until after the promotion period (December 13-19) is over. Sorry about that but hope that answers your question!


These phones were sold as part of RW’s Christmas special. They went on sale at midnight on the 13 and completely sold out in 30 minutes. That was an exceptionally good offer and it’s unfortunate you didn’t catch that window. There will be more in stock sometime in January but the web-buster special ended when the current stock was depleted.

Oh for the love of God, search people, search.

@louisdi Dec 15, 2016 6:23 PM

Oh for the love of God, search people, search.

Search before Asking - Keep the question short for better search results.

Did you ever notice the above statement in not bold, the font is much smaller and grey. Unlike the Ask a Question box that draws immediate attention? RW likes to see activity on the Community Help. For the love of God they’re a brand new member as of yesterday

Common internet courtesy and this question has been answered 25 times in the last 24 hours.

Answer to OP’s question: You can’t.

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