How can I change my wi-fi password?


I just changed the wi-Fi password on my carrier’s modem without realizing that I would have to update my devices as well. I have successfully updated everything except my Rebulic Motorola 4G. When I look at the wi-Fi in Settings, it doesn’t display the password. I just get a message saying that There is no authorization. HELP!


Under the republic tab go to saved networks and forget your home WiFi network. Reconnecting will prompt you for the password.

You can also just edit the network if you tap on it under the saved networks as well.


Since you have so many different models, I’m going to give you a more general idea of how to forget your network.

Go to Settings
If you see your network listed give it a long press.
Press on Forget Network

If you don’t see it, tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
Tap on Saved Networks
Find your home network and give it a long press
Press on Forget Network
At this point you may want to restart your phone.

Once phone is up and running, try to connect to your WiFi network. It will now ask for your password.


Thank you!


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