How can I check text messages when phone under repair/replacement


My phone won’t charge anymore. I’ve ordered a new one but until it arrives, how can I check my text/voice messages? I can’t get to work without it. Help!



Text has to be with the phone to access it but voicemail you can dial your phone number.

Call from Another Cell Phone or Landline

  1. Dial your Republic Wireless phone number.
  2. When your voicemail picks up, tap *
  3. Enter your voicemail password when prompted.
  4. Once you’ve listened to your messages, hang up to end your call.
    Note: In order to call from a different cell phone or landline, your voicemail password must be something other than the default 1234. Be sure that you have changed the voicemail password.


Change to Dial-in Access to Voicemail

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Hi @jonathan.hodges,

Though you won’t be able to see the content, it is possible to see who’s been messaging as well as calling you by peeking in on history when signed into your Republic account here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless.


Can I forward my Republic Wireless text messages to an app on my tablet that I can read and reply with over wifi? I ca make phone calls with my Google Hangouts app and can check my voicemail with Google Voice app. My SMS messages are crucial though.



Not yet with RW but they are working on it.


Speaking of technology for smarter living… we have a number of top-secret projects planned for 2017. Some of you may already be “in the know” about Republic Anywhere – a suite of apps that enable you to take calls and send texts from any device you own like your computer, or tablet using your Republic phone number, at no extra cost. We sent the first wave of BETA invites out in December, but if you’re interested in helping us BETA test Republic Anywhere, signup here.

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More often than not when a phone won’t charge the cause is:

  1. A bad charging cable.

  2. A bad charger.

  3. Charger plugged into an outlet that is switched off.

  4. Pocket lint in the charging port.

  5. Trying to charge from a USB port that doesn’t support charging.