How can I download all voicemails as audio files? 2019

I have an old broken screen phone with your service and while I can repair the screen, there are a ton of voice mails on it and I need to download them all directly. Can I login to my account and access them some how? I saw fourm posts from 2017 that instructed that person to run some app and one by one click and wait. That seems archaic since its just links on a databases table somewhere.

Even if I have to go the recorder route, is there an automated set of buttons I can press that just plays them one after one like an old tape recorder machine?

Thank you

Hi @applesomething9203 and welcome to the Member Community. See if this How To article helps –

This is all I have ever used to save voicemail. There may be other ways that I’m not aware of. I believe this needs the phone to be operational. Hope this helps!

Hi @applesomething9203,

The method suggested by @freddyp requires version 3.19 or newer of the Republic app, which, in turn, requires a newer Republic phone (anything other than a Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2). Alas, the method also requires a working phone.

If the screen is merely unresponsive to touch, it may be possible to control the screen through other means. If the screen is completely inoperable, there’s no cost-effective way to recover information from the phone itself and no way to access voicemails from another phone other than dialing in (presuming one setup a voicemail password). The dial-in method does offer the possibility of recording the voicemails. The method is detailed in this article:

Beyond the above, I’ll make a pitch for having a disaster recovery plan before the disaster strikes. On newer Republic phones, the method pointed out by @freddyp is a very effective way of safeguarding important voicemails when used regularly before something bad happens to one’s phone. The same is true of backing up one’s text messages regularly. It’s far more comforting to have that in place while the phone is working. Many folks around here use this app for that purpose:

On Android phones, by default, Google backs up certain things (most notably contacts and photos) for us. Still, much is left up to us as operators of the phone.

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