How can I find my IMEI number?


I have a Moto G 1st gen that isn’t working. Republic help has not been able to resolve the problem, they suggested I contact Motorola to see if they could help.

When I called them, they said they could not do anything without the IMEI number. I got the phone years ago and no longer have the box that has that number on it, so I was wondering what the quickest/best way would be to get that number so I can call Motorola back?




Hi @carols.kr5a1u,

Sorry to hear about the phone! Presuming your phone isn’t working at all, the fastest way to locate its’ MEID (equivalent to an IMEI) is in your Republic My Account portal here: Phones | Republic Wireless. It will be listed as the Device ID.

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in will be in your online account phone manage page

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Thank you very much! I saw that number, but wasn’t sure if it was the right one or not! You are awesome!


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