How can i find my lost phone?

looking for my wife’s phone. her purse was stolen this evening

First of all please edit your post and remove the phone number. You put this on the Community Forum, which is public, so anyone can see it.

You can try to find the phone using her google account:

Additionally, here is a document that is often referred to in the community… Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Phone

You can also login to the RW account and view the call logs to determine if someone is actually dumb enough to be using it to make/receive calls.

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If the account is linked to your gmail, just log onto chrome and “say find my phone”. also you can check the phone log at RW , see if someone is using the phone. If data is on or they are at a wifi, you can go to google maps, the pull down on the left has “timeline” (this shows by date where the phone is) neat…

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