How can I forward calls and texts to an iPhone

I’ve been using Republic Anywhere to forward all my calls and text messages to another phone (iPhone w/ AT&T service). Sometime last year Republic Anywhere stopped displaying all photos I receive via text, displaying “Image failed to download”. After reading a few posts here it looks like Anywhere has been abandoned by RW. Is there any other way I can forward my calls and texts to another phone without my RW phone being turned on?

Hi @sarahs.szxs82 and welcome to the Community!

Your experience with Republic Anywhere on iOS is the result of a bug exposed when Apple released iOS 13. So that Republic is aware of the scope of the issue, you might go ahead and open a ticket asking that your experience be investigated as part of Master Ticket 179109. Please note, opening a ticket in this case won’t result in an immediate solution but rather would help give Republic an idea of how many folks are impacted.

It’s true Republic Anywhere is no longer in active development, however, it’s not entirely abandoned. Lack of active development means no new features, however, Republic has squashed other bugs since active development ceased.

Meanwhile, it is possible to use Google’s Messages for Web on an iPhone. It’s even possible to create an icon for Messages for Web on iOS, so that it might be launched as if it were a native app. A drawback to this approach is that unlike native iOS apps, web apps on iOS do not receive notifications. This is a current limitation of iOS.

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