How can I get more control over my cell phone memory use?


I have a feeling that the single most important factor affecting the responsiveness of my cell phone (Moto X Pure) is it’s 2.5GB memory usage. Seems like I am constantly looking for an app to uninstall or force to a stop. I have tried a number of apps, but nothing seems to provide much help in this area. I wish more apps had a “disable” switch available. And often, when I try to “force stop”, it either doesn’t force a stop or it only works briefly. I wish there was an app that I could give it a l iist of apps to keep stopped or disabled, and it would do that until I said otherwise - not even turning them loose after a power off/ power on…
No matter what I do, it seems like I am always running low on memory. In my computer world, I can control this to some extent by what I put into the program startup list, but unfortunately not many apps on my cell phone will allow themselves to be disabled… In the computer world, 80% memory utilization can affect performance, and I suspect the same is true for a cell phone.


U can switch to using “Lite” versions of apps. Mainly apps designed for Android Go. Devices with very low memory.

Facbook Lite etc.

Also, there is a ported version of the Pixel Launcher optimized for GO that uses low memory and has less features, but u would need to side load that app.

A full wipe and reset…a fresh start also usually helps ti restore performance on OEM branded devices.


Thank you! Yes, I have been restarting at least daily, maybe more. I’m amazed at how slow it wakes up after sitting idle for a while. I don’t know what you mean by a “full wipe and reset”


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Factory Reset. It wipes the phone of all data. So its like when u first got it out of the box. (so be sure you backup and transfer off all any and all data, like pictures, music etc to a computer. And have your account login info as u will need to re-setup the phone after a Factory Reset.

All smartphones (and computers even ) benefit from starting fresh and clean after a long time of use.

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OK, thank you again!

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