How can I get rid of the Google bar

How can I get rid of the Google bar on the desktop of my phone? Motox 2nd Gen.

thank you

Try this? Basically disable the app associated with the search bar, which I believe is the Google Now app, according to this link.

How To Remove The Google Search Bar On Android 4.0+

Try this. Press and long hold the Google search bar. If it shows you an option to view the app info, touch that app info button and then disable whatever app it takes you to.

one will need a different launcher the search bar is now part of the Google now launcher which is the default on this phone (I use Nova Launcher for this)

On my S7 I can just long-press on it and drag it to the trash can or resize it. I wonder why they keep changing the implementation of that feature.

Touchwiz does there own thing and not using the Google Now launcher


     The Nova Launcher is the best aftermarket launcher out there. I use the Prime  version but the free version does almost as much for free. I wouldn't steer you wrong this launcher lets you customize everything practically and if you don't like it you can switch back to the original just as easy.

Nova Launcher - Android Apps on Google Play

Nova Launcher Prime - Android Apps on Google Play

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…not to mention EMUI for the 5W user’s.

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