How can I get the $15 a month fee plus the $5 for 1 gb on my older phone?


I have an older phone I bought from Republic wireless a few years back. I would like to upgrade it to the $15 a month plus the $5 for 1 gb of space but when I try on my phone, it just gives me the $25 a month plan with 3 gb of space. I don’t want that as we are on a very limited income and I need the cheapest one. Do I need a new phone or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help.


Legacy Phones must use the Legacy plans (2.0 Republic Refund or 1.0 for qualifying lines active since before July 2015)
Legacy Phones are the older Custom ROM Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, and G3

all new Phones are 3.0 and will Use the My Choice Plans
in short you’;; need to update to one of the 3.0 supported phones


OK, thanks. I was afraid of that. :frowning:


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