How can i get the phone to make and receive calls?


My Republic phone will not make a call. I put in the number, it says it is dialing, then says number unreachable. I call my phone from another phone and the calling phone hears the ring, but my phone will not ring. I cannot send or receive texts. It started this nonsense this morning and it seems like I had just tried to choose a default messaging process. My wifi is on and I can get online.


  1. Try uninstalling the Republic app(s), reboot the phone and then reinstall the Republic app(s).

  2. Reset the phone credentials.

Reset Republic Credentials
(Note: Your phone must be connected to WiFi to complete this step. For a video of this step, please see How to VOIP Your Phone )

  1. Open the dialer, then dial ##8647##

  2. The dialer will clear, and the Republic arc notification icon will reappear after about a minute. (If the arc notification icon does not reappear, restart your phone. The arc should then appear after your phone restarts.)

  3. If the phone is one of the older models, then there are additional steps you can try.

  1. For the older phones try putting the phone is safe mode and test. Safe Mode

  2. Open a support ticket. Use the chat line for faster service. Republic Help


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