How can I give my old RW phone to family member after I buy a new phone for use in RW

What is the process for giving my RW phone (Samsung Galaxy A50) to a family member (who has a separate RW account) after I buy a new phone for use in my RW account? I am buying an unlocked Samsung phone (BYOP) and assume I will need to buy an RW SIM card.

Hi @raymondc.ev5oc7

I would first remove any pin/screen lock you have on the A50. Then do a factory reset on it.
Here is instructions for that if needed:

Your family member would then proceed with these instruction to set it up:

Sounds good, here are some tips for getting a phone outside Republic that might help:

Yes, you will need to order a SIM. I would look at the SIM in the A50 so you know what type of SIM you will need:

If is a GSM SIM:

If it happen to be a CDMA SIM here is instructions for that:

Hope this is of help :slight_smile:

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