How can I have a live chat with a representative?


How can I have a live chat with a representative? Please let me talk to someone.


Hi @annep.31ycqz,

You’ve posted publicly in our online Member Community where members help one another. We have support technicians and live chat in our help center. Republic Help

Is there something I can help you with today? (Remember, this is a publicly-visible topic.)


I have 2 phones, and I re-activated 1 w/new credit card, but clicked on the wrong amount for billing, so 2nd phone was cancelled, how to I re-activate 2nd phone and add correct amount under billing?


@ronaldl.ryxeqy, you are posting to a customer forum and we do not have access to your accounts, I recommend opening a ticket for billing to handle this

As all billing is autopay from a credit card that you activate the phone as a new account and the 2nd phone is on an old account, if you can give more details we may be able to advise a self help way of sorting it out [no personal data please]


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