How can I "lock" my wifi in?


It’s odd that my wifi will be off on my phone settings and my phone will be using my data… Just at home when there is no need to. I just burned up nearly my full month of data, which I very rarely do, because the wifi setting wasn’t set to my home network…I guess I need to check it every time I pull up my phone? But hoping it would just stay in my home network. I get when I am out and about, it might search for other networks, but at home I would love for this to stay put. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong in settings? It has happened the past two months but never before this. Thanks!



Normally we should only lose our connection to the home WiFi when we leave the area. However many things can change this norm. Your nextdoor neighbor may have just added a new router, or maybe just re-booted their old one, and now your on the same or overlapping channel as you are.


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