How can I move Anywhere messages out of the app and onto my Apple Mac computer?

That’s it. How can I do this?

I am not a user of Republics Anywhere, but perhaps if you could provide a bit more detail about your intent.

  1. I will assume that you have Anywhere on your phone as well as on a Windows PC?
  2. You have 1 or more SMS Text on the Anywhere App on the PC that you want to preserve by moving it to a location off the RW App but still on the PC.?
  3. Are both 1 and 2 True?
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Yes, 1 and 2 are true. Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification, now a couple more bits of information, then hopefully someone who knows their way around Anywhere & PC files can help you out

  1. What level of PC Windows in the PC?
  2. Which phone?
  3. Is Anywhere at the latest level and have you synced the PC to your phone? How to Manually Sync Your Text History Using Republic Anywhere on a Phone – Republic Help

It’s a Mac, and all messages are available on the computer, the phone is a Pixel 3a. Anywhere is the current version 2.5.12 (5c776). I would like to archive my messages.

You can make a backup file of your texts using an app on your phone. Once you have the file you can move it to your Mac.

Here is a link to an app that I use:


That was exactly what I wanted! Thank you!


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