How can I port my number to a previously activated Republic phone?

We had two Republic lines. I changed carriers and phones. My husband still has Republic, but recently broke his phone. He wants to port his number to my old Republic phone. Are there any special instructions/procedures I need to follow to make this happen? I am thinking I should do a factory reset? Anything else I need to do?

as long as your old phone was not the Defy just go though activation via the Republic App and select line upgrade

Hi @kristil.ulw5fu,

Factory Reset is indeed best practice when the user of a phone will be changing.

Post reset, it’s a matter of following on screen prompts to reactivate your old phone for your husband. Republic offers a walkthrough here: Activate | Republic Wireless. You will be prompted to sign into the appropriate Republic account. When presented the opportunity, select “replace existing line”. You should see your husband’s phone number listed at this step. Choose it, continue through the activation process, then you’re all set! Detailed activation guidance here: Activate My Phone.

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