How can I reach a live person at google help?

My gmail account associated with my RW 1st Gen Moto G has apparently been hacked and I cannot log in to it any more. Syncing on my phone has been suspended. I have created a new gmail account, but need to move my Contacts from the old one to the new one. I cannot access the old gmail account via the web, but I can still access my Contacts on my phone. How can I move them over to the new email account?

with contacts from old Gmail account one can export via the app on the phone to internal storage

(open the app–> tap the 3 vertical dot menu --> import export --> export to storage)

then with new Gmail account repeat all but use input from storage

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For help logging into your old Gmail account, see Can’t sign in to your Google Account - Gmail Help .

Thanks. I did the export / save as instructed. How can I check to make sure I did it correctly and they are stored properly?

remeber you will have to import then to the new account

go to while logged in with the new account and if the contacts are there you did it right

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