How can I record a phone call?

I have a Moto E4. I would like to record a phone call in which I am a participant. Are there apps to do so?

There are apps available. I don’t believe any of the ones that actually work are free (at least not with full functionality). Typically they work by redirecting the call through a conference system where they can be recorded. TapeACall and Cube Call Recorder are a couple well reviewed apps. In full disclosure, I’ve never used them (and wouldn’t, because if I could record the call, who knows what the owner of the service is recording).


Thanks. I’ll check them out and report back.

you will most likely not find any call recording apps that will work correctly with Republic service as it is special in the way it routes the call over wifi.

To record call properly, you need root, even then, its a mixed bag of results.

Those free aps, at best, may be able to use the phones microphone itself to record yours and the other persons voice, if the earpiece volume or speaker volume is turned up.

Also, keep in mind, the legality of call recording. Exact laws very from state to state, but most require that BOTH parties know of and consent to recording, else, it is illegal.

Based on cbwahlstrom’s advice, I got Cube Call Recorder. As SpeedingCheetah notes, it will not record calls over Wi-Fi. But, if you turn Wi-Fi off, it works great on Cell phone calls. I am not sure how the other party’s call is recorded, but the quality was great. But that will obviously vary depending on the quality of the cell signal. My voice seemed to be recorded from the microphone and sounded terrible, loud and fuzzy. But maybe it’s just that I hate to hear my voice. At any rate thanks to everyone for the help.


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