How can I recover accidently deleted camera roll?

Was cleaning misc albums in Gallery and hit Delete not realizing till too late that my camera roll was selected and in it my 900 pics and videos of my 2yr old. (haven’t told wife yet). Hoping for a Christmas miracle…

Please help!!

I have a Moto X2

Pics were not synced to google or Dropbox

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If pictures weren’t synced to any other service, you’re in trouble. I’ve yet to find any easily available software that claims to recover photos that actually does. From there, you’re on to forensic recovery services and at best you’re talking hundreds of dollars. Sorry to be the Grinch.

Oh, dear!

You’ve probably already checked this, but if you open the Photos app > tap 3 bars at the top > tap Trash > do you see any of the photos you’re missing there?

If you’ve ever shared or forwarded any of the pics or videos (e.g., via text, email, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), you will have copies of those through those apps/programs.

I wish I used the photos app and not the Moto one…

Was referred to for their diskdigger pro app. for $3 it recovered all my photos.

to be noted though, it only recovers them in a cached low quality unless your phone is/can be rooted…

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What wonderful news!

(And, your marriage is saved, too! )

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I recommend connecting the phone to PC, USB cable, and make a backup those photos/videos. No need for “cloud” storage or such, just a local/simple second copy for readily accessible. Good job with the recovery and reporting it back to this thread for reference. data_recovery

Precious photos should be backed up in multiple places. Phones can be lost or stolen or break. Computer hard drives can fatally crash (and, it’s very expensive to recover files if that happens).

Neither of those options is foolproof.

Don’t just back them up where you can find them, either. If something ever happens to you (which hopefully never will), you still want someone else to be able to access and recover them.

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+1 @matthewjohn

Thanks for the feedback!. Another option and I’ll bet many are looking at that now.

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From your root thread. This would be good info for others to know.

DiskDigger and their app actually found my photos however in a cached smaller size than original quality

What size/quality are they now?

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About 30kb…

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Thanks, understand reason for this thread.

Thank you for posting your success in finding something for this situation. People have asked for help digging up unsynched photos a fair amount of times. Yours is the first I recall having a non-forensic solution.

I’m Interested in that (if anyone has that info, message me) as the pics recovered are low quality and I’m not seeing much viable in rooting a Moto X2…

Glad to hear you got something back. 30kb thumbnails aren’t good for much other than reminding you what you’ve lost. Should you discover a higher quality solution, do let us know!

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How can I scan the root? I hit delete today 251 pictures of my grandbabies are gone I am distraught. I used an app to recover but they are thumbnails…I don’t understand what the root is?

Unless you were backing up the photos, there likely is not a way to recover more than the thumbnails. Have you checked ?

Republic can’t provide support in trying to get root on a phone, and doing so comes with significant risks. If you have the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2 there is no known way to do it. There may be a way to do it on some of the newer phones. In any case, it is not for the faint of heart, can “brick” (make unusable) your phone if not done right, and also creates security risks.

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