How can I recover photo I placed as the screensaver?


How can I recover photo I placed as the screensaver? I placed a photo that was in my photo gallery as my phone screensaver. I noticed that once I did this it disappeared from the photo gallery and now I don’t know how I can save it as I want to keep it stored and print it to place in a photo album/frame. Any idea how to get it back into the photo gallery? This is a very important picture to me. I have a Moto G 3rd generation. Please help!


I don’t know what phone you have, but, I just tried assigning a picture in my Photos app and it did not remove the photo from the gallery. You might check online to see if the picture was backed up to your Google Photos cloud. Log into you Gmail account on a computer, click the cluster of small squares in the upper-right corner of the screen (Google menu) and select Photos. It’s likely the photo will be there, unless you somehow managed to delete it.


Please check my original post. I have a Moto G 3rd generation.

Thank you for the advice, but I didn’t have the photos backed up on my computer at the time, so it’s like the photo is already gone. Never deleted it; it was taken out of my photo library once I made it my screen saver. Any other ideas?


Do you know what screen saver app you used? Is it an app you got off of the play store or if it is built into the phone (the daydream function under options)?

Depending on what software you are using for the screensaver, there may be a data directory where it is being saved to. However, normally apps don’t take your picture and move it somewhere else so the original one would normally be still there.

That said, have you checked your phone by plugging into a computer via USB and taking a look around? You should take this chance to make a backup of your photos outside of the phone just in case anything happens. (Apps such as Google Photos can make wireless copies online). Maybe you can dig around and find the photo that the photo app somehow is overlooking.


The photo should have been copied to Google’s backup service instead of moved. Are you using Google Photos to backup your photos? You can check to see if your photo is saved by Google Photos here:

If you use a file app, you may find the photo hidden in the Thumbnail folder under DCIM Folder. Also check Many recommend ES File Explorer, I stopped using it, too many ads, etc, I use Astro and Moto File Manager:

You must turn on show Hidden Files for these apps.

Sorry to say, you probably will not find this photo. It’s buried in an inaccessible part of Android. If you can find a window on your desktop that doesn’t have apps, take a screen shot of the photo.

I appreciate how frustrating this is, had a similar experience myself.


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