How can I remove "open help ticket" from my republic app

When I open the republic app, the home screen show “open help ticket” at the bottom of the screen below my phone number. It doesn’t show “wifi calls, SMS, games, etc”. Because of this, I cannot get connected to the internet even thought I’m connected to the wifi. On my old phone, it shows “verify” then Republic agreement will show up and I can click “agree.”

And because of this also I can NEVER. NEVER GET CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.

On the 3.0 phones, you will need to manage WiFi and WiFi networks through your phones settings. Follow this link for instructions on how to do this for your phone. Let us know if you need further help.

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On my old phone, it shows “verify” then Republic agreement will show up and I can click "agree."
Based on what you have explained, it seems like you may be using a wifi network with a portal that you have to agree to terms before it lets you though.

Previous versions of the Republic app on older phones had the ability to help detect these portals and help you though it. Newer versions of the phone normally can detect the portals by itself and will normally open a prompt.

When you swipe down from the top and look at your notifications, do you see anything related about connecting online?

Otherwise, you may want to try opening the Chrome app to view a webpage. My suggestion is to visit a non secure website such as This will allow the phone to send out a request to connect and if there is a portal in the way, it will redirect you to the terms so you can click agree.

Side note, these terms are normally part of the wifi you use and not from Republic Wireless.

Browsing to will also often bring up the verification page.

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